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Ausländerbehörde Creglingen

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Hier finden Sie die verschiedenen Kontaktmöglichkeiten und weitere hilfreiche Informationen für die Ausländerbehörde Creglingen – Baden-Württemberg.

Address: Stadtverwaltung, Torstr. 2, 97993 Creglingen
Phone: (07933) 701-0
Opening hours: see website

Aufgaben der Ausländerbehörde Creglingen

Die Ausländerbehörde Creglingen ist zuständig für die Einwohner von Creglingen und der dazugehörigen Ortschaften. Die Behörde ist die erste Adresse für Ausländer, die aus dem Ausland einreisen. Sie ist zuständig für die Erteilung oder Verweigerung von Aufenthaltstiteln nach den jeweiligen Aufenthaltszwecken des Aufenthaltsgesetzes.

The Immigration Office is also responsible for issuing the residence permit, commitment declaration, travel documents and toleration permits for foreigners. The immigration office is working on it Section 71 AufenthG and is responsible for regulating all decisions and measures that affect the passport and residence rights of foreigners.

The responsibility of the foreigners authority also extends to numerous other tasks. The type and duration of the residence permit vary greatly. Some are given a time limit, others are denied a residence permit and are granted an exit permit under the Residence Act.

The immigration authorities are also responsible for asylum seekers and displaced persons. You decide about residence permit and issue these if the decision is positive.

Here is an overview of what the immigration authorities are responsible for:

  • refugee aid
  • social care
  • integration courses
  • Organization and approval of entry and stay in Germany
  • benefit entitlement
  • reimbursement and health care
  • civil status
  • commitment declaration
  • accommodation options
  • register
  • asylum procedure

How can I make an appointment with the Immigration Office agree?

There are several ways to make an appointment at the Immigration Office. The offices can usually be reached in person, by telephone, by e-mail or online. The address and opening times can be viewed online. In some cities you can make an appointment via the city's service portal and download online forms. Make sure you have all the necessary documents complete before visiting the agency.

A notice: For offices and authorities, you usually need the documents or certificates as certified translation*.

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Further immigration authorities and information