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commitment declaration

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commitment declaration
The so-called declaration of commitment serves to secure the living expenses of third-country nationals.

If you would like to invite guests who require a visa and who do not have the necessary financial means themselves, you as the inviter must submit a declaration of commitment to the responsible party foreigners Authority hand over. As a rule, your local immigration office is responsible if your visitor is to live with you.

It is after §§ 66, 68 of the Residence Act for a formal declaration of commitment. Your visitor can then present this to the visa office as proof of financing or as an invitation so that the necessary visa can be applied for.

The issuance of a declaration of commitment becomes superfluous if the costs for the outward and return journey, as well as for the stay, are borne by the applicant for the visa worn by myself can be. In this case, only the financial capacity must be proven. This can be confirmed by the German inviter in the form of a written, informal invitation.

If a visa for a foreign spouse is applied for by a German citizen, the marriage certificate in the original and a copy, in combination with an informal invitation from the German spouse with a copy of the passport, is sufficient.

The sequence

Anyone wishing to invite a foreign visitor to their home must submit a declaration of commitment for them so that a visa can be issued. In order to be able to sign a declaration of commitment at the local immigration office, a personal appearance necessary. A large number of personal documents must be brought along in the original.

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Which documents are required for the issuance of a declaration of commitment?

  • a valid, original ID card or passport
  • First and last name of the visitor, place of residence, nationality, date of birth, passport no. and address of the visitor
  • a current proof of salary, consisting of a current pension notice, a tax notice (for self-employed persons), the last three statements / pension notice or a certificate from a tax consultant, including job information
  • Representation of the family relationship to the invited visitor, any data from relatives who are also entering the country
  • Indication of the address where the visitor lives during the stay
  • desired start of validity of the visa

The costs for a declaration of commitment are usually 29 euros. A declaration of commitment is only effective and valid if a secure, monthly receipt of money can be proven. Not only a secure livelihood must be proven, but also an adequate credit rating.

In addition to the income in Germany, a foreign message confirm assets abroad so that there is sufficient capital to create a declaration of commitment. The foreign income can also be confirmed outside the EU.

A notice: For offices and authorities, you usually need the documents or certificates as certified translation*.

How long is a declaration of commitment valid?

A declaration of commitment is valid for a maximum of 6 months. A new declaration of commitment can then be issued if the guarantor can prove that the personal financial circumstances have not changed negatively in the last 6 months.

If you want to take on a declaration of commitment for a guest, you have to earn enough money. If a single income is not sufficient to take on a declaration of commitment, couples can add up their income. A minimum net income of 1470 euros per month must be demonstrated so that a declaration of commitment can be officially issued.

If your monthly income is not sufficient, you can open a blocked account for visa purposes at a Deutsche Bank. By transferring a certain amount of money to the specified blocked account, the person concerned ensures that they can earn their living and other expenses themselves during this time.

Since a declaration of commitment is only valid for 6 months, the guest should apply for a visa immediately after submission. If the visa issuance takes longer than 6 months, a new declaration of commitment must be submitted. The forms for submitting a declaration of commitment are available from the Immigration Office.

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