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Travel insurance for foreign guests

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Travel insurance for foreign guests

Foreign guestswho are invited to Germany by relatives or acquaintances over a longer period of time must be comprehensively insured. So that there is no financial damage to the host country and the inviters, one commitment declaration are not financially overwhelmed, you need travel insurance for foreign guests. Our recommendation - Allianz incoming health insurance* – For visitors from abroad.

What is travel insurance for foreign guests or incoming insurance?

As soon as guests or visitors travel to the EU, the Schengen countries (Switzerland / Liechtenstein), explicitly Germany and a commitment declaration exists, they also need comprehensive insurance cover. Not only do you need health insurance, you also need accident and liability insurance. This is the only way to avoid significant costs and financial claims from third parties.

Travel insurance for foreign guests is relatively inexpensive. Depending on the offer and the extent to which the costs are covered, the insurance only costs around 1 euro per person per day. The medical costs incurred after an accident or illness in Germany and in all other EU countries, including Switzerland and Liechtenstein, are covered by the insurance company. A document proving the conclusion of an incoming insurance policy should be relevant with all other documents foreigners Authority be submitted.

What services are included in incoming insurance?

All expenses covered by travel insurance for overseas guests must be documented and documented. The following benefits are insured in the area of illnesses and accidents:

  • Outpatient treatment in medical practices
  • Ambulance transport to the nearest hospital (and back if no inpatient admission takes place)
  • inpatient hospital treatment without optional services
  • Post-hospital treatment
  • simple tooth fillings and pain-relieving dental treatments
  • existing dentures can be repaired
  • Medically ordered return transport to the home country
  • in the event of death, the transfer including funeral costs will be covered by the insurance up to an agreed upper limit

The cost of incoming insurance can vary as there are different providers to choose from. A deductible per case of treatment is not excluded and is contractually confirmed and secured when the contract is concluded. Travel insurance for foreign guests can only be taken out up to a certain age.

When applying for insurance cover, an insurance certificate is issued by the respective insurance company, which is submitted to the immigration authorities and enclosed with the personal documents for the visa application. In addition to health insurance, personal liability and accident insurance are included in the insurance. It is worth comparing offers from different insurance companies.

The amount of the insurance premium can vary depending on age and pre-existing conditions. In order for the incoming insurance to be taken out with as little risk as possible for the insurer, any previous illnesses and other personal information must be given in the application. More extensive treatments are usually excluded in the area of pre-existing conditions. Incoming insurance is solid health, accident and liability insurance that covers the worst risks. However, intensive medical treatment of existing diseases is excluded.

Incoming insurance is a private insurance, which must be completed privately. The statutes can be worded differently, but correspond to the requirements and specifications of the immigration authorities. If you are not sure whether the selected provider of an incoming insurance is the right choice, you should inquire again with your responsible foreigners authority before taking out the insurance. If the answer is positive, you can take out the incoming insurance of your choice with a clear conscience.

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